iReport: June 2017 Weekend Leadership Seminars – Cebu & Manila

I am so excited to share the latest from the Philippines with you! How cool to celebrate 20 years in the market with a WLS in a new city and incredible teacher like Mike Wilson. Thanks for the update N21 Philippines!

“What’s the difference between successful business owners and those who struggling to get results? According to Mike Wilson, a Diamond for over 39 years, the difference-maker is having a professional commitment. ‘Most people think what they lack is skill,’ he adds, ‘but what you really have to change is your mindset. My role this weekend is to make you think differently about the business.’

His message struck home with hundreds of ABOs who attended the Philippine Weekend Leadership Seminars last June 10 and 11 in Cebu City (the first-time ever for Network21) and Manila last June 17 and 18. Opening to festive dance performances, and filled with exciting recognition, the WLS highlighted achievements past and present in a market celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Sharing brilliant business insights alongside his trademark philosophical approach to leadership, Mike Wilson challenged participants to dismantle their fears and wrong assumptions. ‘If you have clarity – a clear picture of your dreams, and what you need to do in order to achieve them,’ explains the former tennis coach, ‘then nothing can stop you.’ “


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