iReport: North America Lifestyle Event June 17-22, 2017

N21 North America has been doing this event since the 1990s! It has had, and continues to have, tremendous impact on goal setting, dream building, and memory making. Thanks for the update N21NA!

“Every two years we get to enjoy a Lifestyle event where we go somewhere special, have meetings and bring our families. This June 17-22, 2017 we went to Maui, Hawaii to the Hyatt Regency and had an AMAZING event! We kicked off the week with a fun reception by the ocean where we watched hula dancers, played games, and ate delicious food. Everyone was thrilled to be in paradise with their friends, family, and fellow ABOs!

Sunday morning our MCs Jerry & Sharyn Webb launched our first meeting. We learned from Bob Andrews, Wade Simmons, and had a unique audience-submitted question and answer session with Dave Dornan and Ray Keller! It was the perfect start to the week. Our next session was Tuesday evening where the ABOs came into the meeting room much more tan than they did on Sunday 😉 Today Chris & Melody Farrell were our MCs and we heard from Mike Wilson, twins Frances Halter and Ruth Moser, and had an excellent product panel.

We returned the next morning for our final session; it all went by too quickly! On Wednesday Steve & Laurie Jones were our MCs and we took many notes from Skip Ross, Jules Dornan, and Ray Keller. Every session was packed with fun, wisdom, inspiration, and training. And, being in Maui, we certainly made memories outside of the sessions as well! Our final day ended with a traditional Hawaiian Luau that was exciting, entertaining, and the best we’ve ever seen.

We are grateful for these events and the opportunity for our families to be around the incredible N21 environment. We are already counting down the days to Lifestyle 2019! Visit our Facebook/Instagram Page @n21na or search #n21takesmaui #hyattmauilifestyle17 on Instagram for fantastic pictures!”

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