iReport: CERC Hungary, Debrecen, June 16-18, 2017

I love how Network TwentyOne brings people from seven different countries together! This seemed like a powerful seminar. I can’t wait to see what MOVEment comes from this 😉

“The nice sunny days of middle June presented us a wonderful event in Hungary. The already very familiar town of Debrecen was the location again of the Central European Regional Conference. The sunlight was spotted with rain, so people loved to stay inside and listen to the best speakers. Seven countries together: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia. 5000 people, all of them eagerly waiting for the guest speakers.

Our very famous guest speaker, the Founders Crown Ambassador from Australia, Peter Cox, MOVE-d the audience to their next level. He is an extremely dynamic person, very powerful, gets the attention of the audience of all ages, and shakes them up. His enthusiasm is contagious and people are fired up after listening to him.

We had a surprise guest speaker from outside the organization, a psychologist from Germany, Dr. Claudia Enkelmann. She is an author of best-sellers, a powerful and yet funny speaker, who brought laughter into the venue, and very, very deep realizations at the same time for not only business, but also all fields in life.

On many levels there were new achievers, Pearl was the higher pin this time. We recognized two couples who reached the Apprentice Emerald level.

Amway did a very colourful display of the products, to show people the wide range of possibilities in this business. There was a display and a speech on the new G&H products. On Sunday morning Scott Coon from Amway held a special meeting and introduced the SSD program.”

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