iReport: North America Summer Conferences

I am always amazed at how many awesome leaders they have in one room! But most importantly, I need to know more about this Lifestyle 2017 trip 😉 I feel another iReport coming soon! Thank you for a great recap and pictures N21NA.

HealthPointe 5“We had a busy month of May with not one, but TWO weekend seminars. Our first kicked off May 5th in Atlanta, Georgia with guest speaker Crown Bob Andrews! He unpacked what the Network TwentyOne system is and left us empowered, grateful, and with solid understanding. We had many incredible speakers throughout the event including: Mike Wilson, Dave Dornan, Nutrilite, HealthPointe panel, Sharyn Webb, Nancy Dornan, R.D. Saunders, Pam Deaton, and Andrew Mackay! I think it is obvious that we walked away filled from that WES.

Two weeks later we headed to Southern California at the Hotel Irvine for our West Coast Summer Conference. We learned a ton from our guest speaker, emerald Joe Andary from Australia! It was a treat to learn from this dynamic and growing leader. As always, we had a packed lineup this WES: Beverly Sallee Ophoff, R.D. Saunders, Dave Dornan, HealthPointe panel, Steve Jones, Clarke Broome, Mike Wilson, Jeff Applebaum, and Teri Simmons!

We enjoyed celebrating new pin levels and the winners of our Momentum Challenge. We are thrilled with everyone’s success, and excited to have given away two trips to Maui, Hawaii to our Lifestyle 2017 event!

Check our Facebook page @N21NA for slideshow videos from both events. We are looking forward to our North America Leadership Conference in September and hope everyone will be there as we dive into VISION!

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