iReport: WES Hungary, Veszprém, March 24-26, 2017

What a seminar! How did you fit all that in one weekend?! Thank you to our guest speakers, Amway, and amazing ABOs for being there 🙂

Robert Angkasa.jpg“Our last spring Weekend Seminar in Hungary was now really in spring, on the 24-26th of March. At last we experienced nice, sunny weather in the town of Veszprém, and Arena Hall looked really tempting for the new business experience. We had a fantastic guest speaker, Robert Angkasa, a Crown from Indonesia. Robert Angkasa is a very kind, sporty man, who amazed the audience. His speeches were full of emotion, detailed teaching. He shared his valuable experience with precise techniques, and that gave the participants the message: decide and do it! We tried a very new way of speaking, as János Demeter, a Hungarian Founder Executive Diamond who lives in the US spoke at the Executive Leaders Meeting through Skype. It was perfect, and this way the audience could learn from his dedication and great leadership experience.

Beside the memorable guest speaker, also the local speakers – Irénke Némethné, our Double Diamond, Andrea Wolf Executive Diamond and our Diamonds and Emeralds and also the panel discussions brought refreshing momentum into the venue showing the second generation what Amway business and N21 system can bring to their lives. We had debuting speakers who also gave new aspects to the people. We celebrated our highest recognitions with new Pearl ABOs. We had a very attractive BSM shop where ABOs could select from our nice variety of choice. Amway has introduced to the Hungarian ABOs on stage the new G and H Personal Care Line, and SSD, the new XS application. Another successful seminar to focus on dreams and goals and on spring rejuvenation! See you in Debrecen at the Regional Conference in June!”


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