iReport: Kiev WES, March 24-26, 2017

I wasn’t available so they actually had to settle for the second strongest man in the world 😉 What an incredible weekend seminar. Thank you to our guest speakers and leaders! We appreciate how you lead, teach, and inspire 🙂

17553867_1481318188553502_2483148403185827228_n.jpg“WES in Kiev, 24-26 of March, showered its participants with bright emotions and inspiration. Everyone was invited to launch business to a new level of success! Be it interviews with young Leaders on effectiveness methods, writing down a list or making invitation with examples from personal experience; a round table on being a professional in this business or training from Leaders with the highest pin level on our market – Alexey Mautanov & Vera Archipova, F.C.A. and Amway Founders Council members, Igor’ & Valeriya Kharatin, F. C. and Amway Founders Council members – all contributed to the fabulous colorful seminar!

Big bonus of the program was Personality plus interview with participation of World’s Strongest Man, Vasiliy Virastyuk. We are grateful to our Guest Speakers for their example, energy and motivation: Amit Sondhi, EDC (India), and Boyko & Ina Parvanovy, Founder Platinum ABOs (Bulgaria). Mr. Sondhi deeply impressed us with his success story illustrating the power the Amway business has in making difference in one’s life. Boyko & Ina Parvanovy, young dynamic couple, talked about a Leader’s qualities, work ethic, and leading by example. Some of the WES central themes were system principles and using innovative technologies.

The quotes we would like to share with you from Amit Sondhi EDC (India):
‘We must go to the next level not for more money, but to set an example to our children.’

‘Only in a venue like this, one can appreciate the value of their success.’

We have launched towards success and now move forward to achieving our goals. See you at WES in Summer!”


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