iReport: March 2017, Hot Seminar in Warm Antalya!

I love how a rainy weekend did not dampen the spirit of this weekend seminar! I can’t wait to see at the next event how this WES Launched you forward in your business. You guys rock, keep it up 🙂

“It was unlikely to have full rainy weekend in Antalya, but we did. But the people who filled WOW Kremlin Palace Resort on March 10-12 did not complain as they were all in the venue to listen to the wonderful speakers the whole weekend. Main speaker Diamond Katalin Lovas locked people on their seats with her story, with her experience and with her teachings. Besides her, Emerald Solin Sarajan also added value to this Turkish event with his deep knowledge and professional presentations.

The theme of the event was “Launch”, and we believe so many attendees decided to launch their business for the first time or again at the end of this seminar. We celebrated so many new achievements and at the top we had new Sapphires on the stage. We believe the colorful recognitions will invite more for the summer WES. If you were not there, please do not miss the opportunity of the next one, see your upline as soon as possible for more information!”

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