iReport: North America Winter Conferences January 2017

Our first iReport of 2017! And it’s a full one at that. Thank you North America for this encouraging update! How do you have so many amazing leaders in one country?!

Mobile Panel 3“We started 2017 strong with two incredible weekend seminars. In Atlanta, GA we had our East Coast Winter Conference with guest speakers emeralds Ben and Jani Physick! We learned a ton from this excited, wise, and growing couple. We were challenged and inspired by our other speakers: Kevin Sears, Ray Keller, Artistry trainer, Dave & Jules Dornan, Jerry & Sharyn Webb, and Bobbie Boyken. One week later we headed to California for our West Coast Winter Conference with guest speaker founders executive diamond J├ínos Demeter! He taught us so much through his story, goals, and passion. We learned and were motivated by our other speakers at the weekend: Jim Janz, Dave & Jules Dornan, Artistry trainer, Stuart Menn, Mike Wilson, Jake Funk, and Wade Simmons.

‘We all have to declare our intentions and this weekend is to decide what you’re going to do with this business.- Jim Janz

‘A small beginning is better than no beginning.’- R. D. Saunders

It is quite obvious that with this line up of speakers we are grateful for all they taught us! This Winter Conference helped us LAUNCH into the new year with focus, renewed vision, and community. We can’t wait to MOVE into Summer Conference and keep reaching our goals. We invite you to join us in May! Enjoy our pictures here, and visit our Facebook page for a lot more!”


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