iReport: Athens – Hellas WES October 2016

Congrats to the new emeralds! The N21 family is very proud of you and your accomplishment. I hope to see more exciting recognition at the next WES now that the VISION has been cast 🙂

01 WES 10 2016 hellas Ray Keller“There are no words to describe a Weekend Seminar with the theme VISION, guest speakers Ray & Karla Keller and with a brand new Emerald recognition! Hellas is celebrating!

Our guests speakers Ray & Karla Keller were absolutely amazing! They managed to nail down all the attendees with their passion – eyes, ears, mind and hearts moved to the tone of “crazy beginnings”. The stories & the teaching that they have shared was talking straight to our hearts. The Hellenic leaders with their perspective and their vision set from the stage the weekend vibes.

And of course a lot of recognitions & the big recognition our new EMERALDS Loukas Adamopoulos & Anda Stathopoulou a strong VISION for everybody attending. The atmosphere was unbelievably fired up and very emotional!!!

What a unique journey! Unforgettable moments for all of us. You are invited to join next WES and be a part of an amazing life memory! Until next time …”

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