iReport: Kiev WES November 18-20, 2016

Sounds like an amazing weekend seminar full of wisdom, fun, and vision. I love these Blue Jeans meetings…you guys are too cool 🙂 Thanks for the great pictures, I feel like I was there!

Venue.jpg“If you wanted to have a better VISION and get your Amway business charged with a fresh momentum, Kiev WES, November 18-20, 2016 was the best place for it. We are convinced that Amway business is the business of the 21st century! Huge gratitude to our Special Guest Speakers: Irenke Nemeth, Double Diamond from Hungary, and Elena Bardarska, Founders Platinum from Bulgaria.

Irenke taught how to build a team with new methods and gave examples from her own experience. The emotional impact of her speeches as well as her energy and charisma were remarkable! “Amway Business is an unlimited possibility for growth and development”, Irenke Nemeth, Double Diamond from Hungary;

Some other memorable quotes from other speakers:
“Only you decide with what thoughts you wake up. You define you life.” Vera Archipova, Founders Crown Ambassador from Ukraine;
“We should always invest in our education and into our self-improvement.” Irina Demkura, Crown Ambassador from Ukraine;
“It is important to remain in trend within Amway business and new technology.” Taras Demkura, Crown Ambassador from Ukraine;
“A dream mobilizes inner strength and helps overcome difficulties.” Valeriya Kharatin, Founders Crown from Ukraine during her interview with the First Ukrainian Astronaut Leonid Kadenyuk!
“You create your own future!” Igor’ Kharatin, Founders Crown from Ukraine;
“The world needs those who take responsibility for their lives.” Elena Bardarska, Founders Platinum from Bulgaria. Elena also sang her own song during Blue Jeans Meeting!

We witnessed bright recognitions, and listened with great interest to all the speeches and interviews held on stage filled with young and dynamic Leaders setting an amazing example for everybody’s motivation!”

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