iReport: WES 14-16 October 2016 in Tallinn, Estonia

Thank you to all these speakers for focusing on the importance of right thinking and right attitude; that’s how these diamonds got to be diamonds! Congrats to the new emeralds, we are excited for your future and proud of your hard work 🙂

1IMG_0655What a wonderful WEEKEND we had with amazing guest speakers Ray and Karla Keller, Diamonds from United States. They helped to create an amazing atmosphere and filled leaders with positive and encouraging energy. Hope you all got their VISION.

Some great advice from our WES speakers:

RAY KELLER: “Your mind gives you back that what you have put in it.”
KARLA KELLER: “This business is in your head. It is in your thoughts. When you understand it you will start to build a right thing.”

Toivo Rande, Founders Diamond from Estonia: “All important things in the world have been done thanks to enthusiasm or due to the lack of it.”
Vyacheslav Petkevich, Founders Diamond from Russia: “You need to create a right attitude to the things that will happen anyway.”
Susanna Hanelles, Diamond from Finland: “If someone wants to help you give him a chance.”

And one more time our big big congratulations to the NEW EMERALDS:
– Algis and Guna Lukosjus

– Valdis and Agnija Pelnens

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