iReport: Go Emerald Russia

Every iReport from Russia is always exciting and tops the last. How did they fit so much teaching from incredible leaders and fun into one event?! Thanks for the update and great pictures N21 Russia! 🙂

Thank you Amway“Something specially indulgent in the world of Network TwentyOne in Russia. A stylish event with unsurpassed guests. Founder Crown Ambassador, founder of Network TwentyOne Nancy Dornan! Founder Diamond David Dornan! Crown Ambassador Hans Nusshold! And also a compilation of Executive Diamonds and above as speakers at this event as well as Natalia Gurini, a new Diamond from Italy, who captivated the audience with her story. Russian Go Emerald: immensely motivating, keenly informative, carefully detailed, intensely inspiring. But the event was as much about knowledge as it was about fun. Amway Russia appeared with a selection of activities assembled with love and attention to IBOs. Throughout the event the participants entertained themselves with various photo-zones, workshops, lectures and what not. The icing on this Go Emerald cake was an absolutely stunning XS party, a celebration of XS launch on the Russian market which was even more spectacular with the appearance of David Vanderveen as a DJ and an MC! ”


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