iReport: North America Leadership Conference

Wow, I feel like I was there with this detailed iReport from the states! I sure hope they invite ME to speak next time 😉

SAMSUNG CSC“Every NALC tops the one before. We had an incredible weekend seminar recognizing the accomplishments of the past year and setting vision for the fiscal year ahead. We are extremely grateful to have learned from our guest speaker executive diamond Massimo Bini once again. His story inspired, his teaching enlightened us, and his final send off opened our eyes.

We had a full program hosted by our hilarious M.C., diamond Jeff Applebaum. Friday started with a special Leader’s Club and Above meeting to which the PlusOne Challenge qualifiers were also invited. Our main session started at 8pm on Friday with diamond Ray Keller, Massimo Bini, and an exciting update from Amway. Our second general session on Saturday morning was overflowing with strong teaching from South African founders executive diamond Kevin Harris, Massimo Bini, sapphires Cale & Aura Andrews, Kevin & Kirsten Sears, and rubies Aaron & Karen Shores.

During our quick afternoon break we had 3 fantastic breakout sessions with Artistry, HealthPointe, and the new N21 Mobile apps. Saturday night was full of energy with recognition of the last year, a look at perspective, purpose, and passion from Diamond Steve Jones, and a memorable talk from diamond Mike Wilson about how The Wizard of Oz is actually our Amway story! The evening concluded with a beautiful performance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by James David Carter. During this session as well, Nancy Dornan accepted, on behalf of Jim, the Jere Dutt Lifetime Achievement Award that was awarded to him last year. It was a very special and honoring moment.

Our final session was not long enough! We learned about optimism and all being “new” people from crowns Bob & Terry Andrews; we soaked in wisdom from founders crown ambassador Nancy Dornan; and we were motivated and ready to take on the next steps from Massimo Bini.

We enjoyed having VISION as our uniting thread throughout the weekend, and hope everyone is at our Winter Conference in January where we will LAUNCH into the new year!”

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