iReport: Go Emerald in Kiev, September 16-18, 2016

Hot off the press! Events like these remind me why Network TwentyOne is so incredible: leaders from different countries, speaking different languages, coming together with a common goal and dream. AMAZING. 🙂

collage 4.jpg“In the family of Network TwentyOne nothing can surpass and be more powerful than having Nancy Dornan, Founder Crown Ambassador and Founder of Network TwentyOne system & Hans Nusshold, Crown Ambassador, as guest speakers.

In Kiev, Ukraine, Go Emerald seminar has proven our best function yet. The seminar held past weekend was a celebration of success and unparalleled wisdom from the ultimate top Leaders on the European market! Top local market Leaders and Leaders from Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Turkey, Slovenia, Poland & Baltic States had the benefit of learning some life defining knowledge and hear some of the most impressive life and success stories ever. Noteworthy quotes from the seminar:
– “You are not just lucky, you made history when you made a decision that you would build this business.” Nancy Dornan, Founder of Network TwentyOne system
– “Love people, trust and respect them, but don’t wait for them. Always move forward.” Hans Nusshold, Crown Ambassador from Austria
– “We all need a plan – plan how to develop, improve our health, strengthen family relationships, grow our business.” Vera Archipova & Alexey Mautanov, Founder Crown Ambassadors from Ukraine
– “You don’t get disappointed if you don’t dream, you don’t get tired if you don’t work.” Taras & Irina Dmkura, Crown Ambassadors from Ukraine
– “The best teacher to learn from is the practice of things.” Valeriya Kharatin, Founder Crown from Ukraine

In the line of future trends, Adam Livingston, Network TwentyOne Chief Operating officer, introduced a new mobile application Network TwentyOne Mobile platform.
Success defining element of the program were recognitions of the Silver, Gold, Platinum, Executive Platinum, Ruby, Pearl, Sapphire and Emerald levels.
We are incredibly inspired and looking forward to seeing you at our next seminars!”


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