iReport: Kiev WES June 24-26, 2016

It always feels like a gift receiving these iReports! Hope you enjoy the updates, pictures, and quotes as much as I do. 🙂

Девид Дорнан 1.jpg“The Weekend Seminar in Kiev on 24th -26th of June was no less than a grandiose event! Leaders in Ukraine had a huge honor to welcome as a Special Guest Speaker David Dornan, Founder Diamond ABO from the United States of America, who is continuing the legacy of the Founders of the Network TwentyOne System, his parents, Jim & Nancy Dornan. Within his dynamic, structured and insightful speeches David taught us how to become better versions of ourselves and how important it is to have a vision.

David Dornan: “Vision in the business defines direction which your team will keep to. People are following only those who have clear vision”; “You can achieve your dream if you help to achieve somebody else their dream.”

The WES program was abundant with teaching and sharing experience from mature Leaders of the highest pin levels as well as the most promising active young Leaders.
It is worth mentioning the following quotes:
Alexey Mautanov, Founder Crown Ambassador ABO from Ukraine, Member of Amway Founder Council: “Mentor is someone who shows you the way. In Amway business these are your Sponsors. Their business experience is invaluable!”
Taras & Irina Demkura, Crown Ambassador ABOs from Ukraine, Members of Amway Founder Council: “Be in the latest trend! Never stop learning. Work. Be disciplined. Develop yourselves and be interesting to people”.
Igor Kharatin, Founder Crown ABO from Ukraine, Member of Amway Founder Council: “This is the business in which you will have to change. There are two plans: a definite plan of your business development and your personality development.”
Valeriya Kharatin, Founder Crown ABO from Ukraine, Member of Amway Founder Council: “What are Leaders supposed to do? They create necessary atmosphere in their teams”.

Refreshed, recharged, with a definite action plan we will go on making the most of this business! See you at the next Weekend Seminar!!!”

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