iReport: Wonderful Event in Antalya!

Mitch & Diedre Sala, Amgad Ghabrial, panel, reception… I could keep going- there was so much packed into that WES! And a reception at a palace?! You know how to make someone want to become an ELC 😉

“We had another wonderful event at sunny and warm Antalya. Amgad Ghabrial was the guest speaker and he added great effort to build the belief back as it was the theme of the event. He reflected his headline as “Work Hard, Work Smart” and we believe it would highlight the teaching session on Sunday.

Saturday evening was a real dream night and the panel was the great attraction of this session. Amway’s workshop was also another outstanding part of the event on Saturday morning, and introduction of “New Protein Bars” proved the value of partnership. The New ELC Reception on Friday evening was arranged at the historical atmosphere of Topkapi Palace, and we noticed the envy of many new leaders for the future.

Motivation has reached the top when the Guest Speaker of the next event was announced, Founders Crown Ambassador Mitch & Deidre Sala. We hope it will be another unforgettable event for Turkish market. Be there and contact to your leader for it!”

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