iReport: Tallinn WES February 19-21, 2016

The price of the WES is worth just the quotes included in this post! What encouragement and wisdom to read from these leaders, I can’t imagine how great the entire weekend was. You better plan to be in Riga for the Free Enterprise June 3-5!

IMG_3397 (002)“Wow what an event we had on the weekend in Tallinn! Our wonderful guest speaker MAJA ZUPET shared with us her huge passion, enormous energy and positive attitude! Hope you had a chance to update your dreams and be ready to work on achieving new goals!

Maja Zupet believes: “Talent is overrated. Attitude is everything.“

Beside Maja Zupet our seminar was graced by other Diamond and above speakers:

– Per Mansson, Double Diamond from Sweden:

“Live your life. It is not a dress rehearsal. Your life happens now.”

– Toivo Rande, Founders Diamond from Estonia:

“If you want to be a leader you have to show how to do it not to tell how to do it.”

– Vyacheslav Petkevich, Founders Diamond from Russia:

“Invest in yourself. Bring yourself consciously into in the right atmosphere.” 

– Darek Swiatkowski, Founders Diamond from Poland:

“If I did it, you can do it too. I was the laziest person in the world, but I made the right decision.”

– Mats Holmberg, Diamond from Aland:

“What makes people excited is hope. We don’t want to be soap salesmen. Our real product is hope.”

– Susanna Hanneles, Diamond from Finland:

“N21 saves your time and energy. WES gives you WHY. Other N21 seminars and BSM materials give you HOW.”

MAJA ZUPET: “Don’t try to impress strangers, impress your family and loved ones.”


And now we all are looking forward to Northern European FREE ENTERPRISE in Riga 03-05 June 2016. Be ready for new exciting experiences.”


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