iReport: Hungarian WES February 26-28, 2016

Another wonderful WES in Hungary! What impressive new pin levels they are recognizing; keep it up you great achievers! Can’t wait to see what you do at the next WES. 🙂

Per Mansson Double Diamond on stage.jpg“The latest spring Weekend Seminar in Hungary was in the late days of winter, on the 26-28th of February. But the weather was nice to us in the town of Veszprém. In the friendly Arena Hall we had a meaningful weekend with lots of inspiration for the future. This time we had one guest speaker, a Double Diamond from Sweden, Per Mansson.

Per Mansson is an extremely dynamic young man who quickly caught the attention of the audience and shook them up. His well-organized speeches were full of emotion and also with teaching. Beside the very enthusiastic guest speaker, also the local speakers – Irénke Némethné, our Double Diamond, Andrea Wolf and Imre Serdült, Executive Diamonds and our other Diamonds and Emeralds- gave the audience refreshing momentum.

We celebrated our highest recognitions with new Silver, Gold, Platinum, Apprentice Emerald and Ruby ABOs. Amway has introduced to the Hungarian ABOs on stage the new Truvivity by Nutrilite Beauty System. A successful seminar to focus on doing more and more to reach the goals!”


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