iReport: North America Winter Conferences

Oh North America…how lucky you are to have all these leaders in one place! Can’t wait to see what the lineup is at Summer Conference…anyone want to go with me? 🙂

tamsen“We had an incredible start to the new year with two Winter Conferences. Our first was January 8-10 in Southern California with guest speakers Emerald Tamsen Sala and Sapphires Kevin & Kirsten Sears. WOW! Such wisdom, grit, and encouragement from these young leaders. We also had the privilege of learning from Mike Wilson, Dave Dornan, Jake Funk, and R. D. Saunders, as well as from representatives from XS and Artistry.

The East Coast Winter Conference on the other side of the country took place January 29-31 in Atlanta, GA, just 30 minutes south of the Network TwentyOne headquarters. Diamonds Ray and Karla Keller were our guest speakers and the ABOs in attendance were thrilled to learn from the master story teller. We also received great insight from Dave and Jules Dornan, János Demeter, Pete and Barbara Matz, Andrew Mackay, Mike Wilson, and R.D. Saunders. We had a very informative session on the new Hydra V line and the updated HealthPointe system.

As you can see from the pictures below it was a great conference! See more pictures on our Facebook page at Network TwentyOne North America. We are so excited for our Summer Conferences in April and May. Hope to see everyone there!”

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