iReport: India National Convention October 2015

Wow, what a busy month for India! 6 conventions in 6 cities with top notch leaders and speakers. Next year I must find a way to clone myself so I can be at all 6 🙂

“Conventions in India are always things to look forward to and this was proved again by the Indian Leadership at the convention in October 2015. 6 conventions in one month, exciting speakers from across the nation, amazing recognitions, lots to celebrate with the wonderful audience…need we say more?

The conventions were held in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Raipur & Lucknow. The most exciting part were the wonderful line of speakers and new recognitions. The guest speakers like Staffan & Pramila Ohlson, Amit & Arti Sondhi, Rajan & Prabha Warrier, Khushrow & Mickey Patel, Atul & Anjali Sondhi and Sushil & Rashmi Pachnanda were a treat to listen to. To add to this the other local speakers was icing on the cake. This round of conventions was really a REFRESHing one for all of us.”

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