iReport: WES in Kiev November 13th -15th

I am so encouraged by this iReport.  What a program you had! A big thank you to the guest speakers, the Network 21 staff, and all the ABOs for putting on such a great event. How will you top this one?! 🙂

IMG_5543.JPG“In spite of rainy weather the atmosphere in our venue was sunny, warm and optimistic. November 13th-15th WES in Kiev was a true success!!! Three days filled with training so much appreciated by all the attendees of the seminar!

Surely the number of Guest Speakers and total number and variety of speeches on many important topics made the program of Weekend Seminar abundant with motivation, knowledge and invaluable experience. We are proud and honored to have had Crown Ambassador from Austria Hans Nusshold as our Special Guest and Mentor at this seminar! Hans focused attention on working attitude, investments into business, products, education & seminars. He also spoke on the Network of Caring projects in Ukraine and importance of charitable donations. One should mention promo of “Adler’s Nest” book by Eva Nusshold as a book of special attraction and a real hit.

Our Guest Speakers Diamond Justin Stern and Emerald Christian Trumplemann from South Africa gave wonderful speeches on topics of team building, vision of Amway business as confident look into the future, sharing on their success stories and N21 system basic principles. We would like to note the inventive approach with which Justin gave his speech on Sunday using his children’s toys as visualization tools. The highlight of the Saturday evening were three Emerald and two Founders Emerald recognitions! Conducted in the form of a talk show, the interview with New Emerald and Founders Emerald couples were entertaining and interesting for the audience!

We are very grateful to all for making this Weekend Seminar in Kiev an unforgettable, sparkling and exciting event! Waiting for you at our next WES!!!”

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