iReport: Weekend Seminar in Tallinn October 2015

Excellent report from Estonia! Thanks for sharing your excitement, updates, and wisdom from your guest speakers. What a privilege to be connected to such a worldwide community!

IMG_7202.jpg“It was perfect REFRESHMENT for our everyday lives! Our amazing guest speaker SIMON THOMPSON gave us an inspiration, positive energy and great knowledge. Hope we all are ready to KEEP GOING!

Beside the fantastic speaker Simon Thompson, we were happy to hear from:

Toivo and Anne Rande, Founders Diamonds from Estonia:
“What kind of person do you want to be? What kind of advice do you have for your kids and for yourself?”

Vyacheslav Petkevich, Founders Diamond from Russia:
“We think we depend on the situation. But the truth is we create the situation.“

Mats Holmberg, Diamond from Finland:
“Step out from your comfort zone! It´s easy to be an average! BE MORE.”

Susanna Hanneles, Diamond from Finland:
“In this business we learn how to create your life with passion. If your habits do not match with your dreams, then you have to change your habits or your dreams.”

Simon Thompson has said:
“Find a big enough dream which can’t be influenced by other opinions.”

In addition, we had great recognition for 2 NEW EMERALDS:
– Ilona and Normunds Priednieki
– Riina Juhanson
Big congratulations to them once again.
We do hope we will keep the energy of the seminar and it will help to achieve new goals and levels, which will be able to share at the next Weekend Seminar in February in Tallinn. One word…PERSISTENCE! Two words… KEEP GOING!”

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