iReport: Ukrainian WES, July 3-5th , 2015

What a packed program! I hope you were at this WES because if not, you clearly missed out 😉

38.JPG“It was a really motivating Weekend Seminar in Kiev on July 3-5th , 2015! Due to a very dynamic program and powerful speeches delivered by our Special Guest Speaker Triple Diamond from New Zealand Tony Henderson, who spoke on what helps make necessary decisions in one’s life both for the sake of business, health and life in general.

One should underline the variety and interactivity of forms of the program parts. On Friday evening the audience was greatly inflamed by the entertaining talk-show conducted on stage by Diamonds & above. Richly informative speeches were given by Amway Ukraine General Manager Tomasz Muras, Amway Ukraine Sales Department Manager Svetlana Bogachova.
Saturday Dream Night was greatly invigorated by panel talk on the topic: “Make decision to build Amway business, live and dream big”. Participating were Leaders of two generations – young one representing strong following of their elders. And last but not least, there were two inspiring Emerald Recognitions. Proving that to be a success all it takes is to DECIDE.

Of course, one cannot but mention the brilliant speeches by Founder Crown Ambassadors Alexey Mautanov & Vera Archipova who talked about young people in this business and the importance of using modern technology. Crown Ambassadors Taras & Irina Demkura as they spoke on the N21 values and Amway business benefits. Founder Crowns Igor & Valeriya Kharatin having spoken on how to be core and lead one’s business professionally.

Through all three days of the seminar much appreciated words of wisdom were shared from the N21 stage.”

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