iReport: A Super Event in Istanbul!

No heat too extreme to keep a Network 21 Weekend Seminar from happening! Congrats to the new pin levels, we are celebrating you everywhere 🙂

DORNANS.jpg“It was a hot summer weekend on July 11-12 in Istanbul and the streets looked empty due to Ramadan and the humid heath wave. But on the contrary to this, the roar of the big crowd jumped into venue at early time of the Weekend Seminar to see and to listen to the great speakers from the USA David & Jules Dornan. They not only shared their story and experience but also spread out their energy to the people filling the venue.

There were also guests from seven countries at this event, including several Diamonds and Crown Ambassador Hans Nusshold. They added color to the seminar with their impact on the stage. The new Sapphires and Pearl recognition were also the highlight of the event, making  Saturday evening more than just “Dream Night”.

We believe all participants made a decision in a way during this event as fitting the theme of the Weekend Seminar,”DECIDE”. We are sure most of these decisions are to run for the next one on November 07-08 in Antalya! Come and be with us!”

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