iReport: North America Summer Conferences

So many incredible speakers in one place! Not fair North America šŸ˜‰

“We had an exciting May with a WES in Anaheim, California and Atlanta, Georgia. May 1-3 was our east coast summer conference with guest speakers Peter and Debbie Cox. We learned and laughed with these Crown Ambassadors from Australia. The event kicked off with a perfect welcome from Jules Dornan and was followed by Mike Wilson who always knows the right thing to say at the beginning of the weekend! We also got hear Peter and Debbie’s story that evening.

Saturday was a very full day with two sessions where we learned from Dave Dornan, Peter Matz, Andrew Mackay, Glenn Graff, R. D. Saunders, and Peter and Debbie again- phew, what a packed schedule! We celebrated new pins and our VIP challenge winners as well. Our program ended strong Sunday with teaching from Pam Deaton, Janos Demeter, and Peter Cox.

Two weeks later we had our west coast weekend seminar with guest speakersĀ  Peter Mercz and Katalin Lovas, Diamonds from Hungary. What a combination of humor and teaching! Jules Dornan opened the weekend again, and she was followed by Teri Simmons. Afterward we got to know Peter and Katalin’s story. Saturday was once again full with this lineup: Steve Jones, Dave Dornan, and Katalin Lovas. In the afternoon we celebrated achievements and were inspired by Mike Wilson, R. D. Saunders, and Peter Mercz. On Sunday we finished strong with Clarke Broome and Peter and Katalin preparing us to go out in the world!

So many truths were spoken at these weekends, but here is one in particular that stands out from Katalin Lovas:

‘Set a goal based on your dream, not your experience.’ “

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