iReport: Baltic WES in Riga, Latvia- DECIDE

Wow, how do you fit so many leaders in one place?! How great it must have been to learn from these couples. I’m sure the October seminar will show the results of the DECISIONS made!

IMG_8577_small.jpg“I think those who made decision to come to our WES in Riga last weekend will never regret it! What a great seminar we had!

Fantastic guest speakers FOUNDERS CROWN from Ukraine IGOR & VALERIA KHARATIN. Their speeches were educational, motivational, emotional and fun.

We are very grateful that they made a DECISION to visit our Baltic market.

Beside Igor and Valeria Kharatin our seminar was graced by other Diamonds and above speakers such as:
Toivo and Anne Rande Founders Diamonds from Estonia
Vyacheslav and Maria Petkevich, Founders Diamonds from Russia
Alexander and Svetlana Samokhin, Founders Diamonds from Russia
Konstantin Zolochevsky, Founders Diamond from Russia

We do hope a lot of people made DECISIONS during those three days, which will benefit in their life.

We are excited to celebrate results of those DECISIONS at next Weekend Seminar in Tallinn on the 09-11th of October.”


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