iReport: WES in Veszprém, Hungary March 6-8, 2015

Second generation panel? Lots of recognition? Picturesque town? Very cool, Hungary, very cool. Keep it up! 🙂

HU WES_Hans&Eva Nusshold.jpg“Hungary’s last Weekend Seminar was in the picturesque little town, Veszprém, in the Arena Hall. Nice weather, wonderful event, very happy people were CHANGEing their lives. Our guest speakers were the incredible Crown Ambassador Couple from Austria, Hans and Eva Nusshold. Their wisdom and huge experience enchanted the audience, as they shared it with them. Their momentum becoming bigger and bigger over the years and they are now teaching the 2nd generation as well. They made memorable talks about how to get better personally and as business people.


We introduced a unique panel talk, where ABO parents and their children, the 2nd generation of ABO’s were present and shared their experience. Amazing recognitions, lots of new silvers and gold producers , platinums, founder and executive platinums gave a special highlight of Saturday evening dream night. Celebration continued with a DISCO party. We had a very thoughtful event, people went home with the strong desire of CHANGEing their lives.”


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