iReport: Kiev WES March 13th – 14th, 2015

How many awesome leaders can you fit in one arena? A lot apparently! How cool to learn from and celebrate with amazing people. Thank you Kiev for this exciting and encouraging update! 🙂

Emerald “We just had an incredible Weekend Seminar! The event which took place in Kiev on 13th -14th of March was fantastic thanks to the Special Guest Speakers Crown Ambassadors from Austria Hans & Eva Nusshold. Hans & Eva shared their wisdom on main N21 principles, on how to fight for your dream even when you are facing many obstacles and try and CHANGE your life.

To this inspiring training was added the invaluable experience shared from the stage by F. Crown Ambassadors Vera Archipova and Alexey Mautanov who spoke on specifics of building Amway business in present day conditions taking into account sponsoring and creating turnover; Crown Ambassadors Taras & Irina Demkura who introduced the theme of the seminar CHANGE and explained what Weekend Seminar means; Founder Crowns Igor & Valeriya Kharatin who spoke on the changes you have to make on your road to success.

Special Guest Speakers from Italy Emerald ABOs Andrea & Sonia Busato won a big liking from the audience and shared on the topic of making international list and how to build this business with one but regular step at a time. A very special element of the event was the speech given by the Network of Caring Chief Significance Officer R.D. Saunders from USA, as he called the participants of the seminar to do more in terms of charity and conveyed the fact that actually there is no better and more guaranteed way of becoming happier than by helping and taking care of others.

The Dream Night was full of recognitions with a NEW Emerald ABOs recognition of Dmitriy & Mariya Primenko on its top. The evening was beautifully crowned by the music show by a well-known Ukrainian violinist Oleksandr Bozhyk.

This Weekend proved that changes are absolutely necessary in the ever changing world as well as it showed that Network TwentyOne Leaders and ABOs from their groups are eager to change and keep Amway business growing in Ukraine. Obvious conclusion from numerous recognitions during the event!!!”

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