iReport: What an Inspiring WES!

I can feel the excitement across the miles. How cool to hear from third generation leaders! Another reason this business rocks. 🙂

Panel“October 17 – 19, 2014 WES in Hellas

Yes we had another successful WES having people FREE to dream their future!

Skip & Susan Ross were outstanding! Their speeches weren’t only uplifting but they talk directly to the heart of the people.

Stephen and Jenni Ross were also here for the weekend and shared their experience of being the 3rd generation in Amway business. They were great!

The Greek leaders were professional and gave their best as always!

We had two successful panels this time. A panel with Emerald ladies and our Diamond sharing their stories and perspective about business and life. And a panel with successful Greek leaders discussing about basic principles of N21 system and their unique experiences while they have been building their Amway businesses.

Generally we had another amazing Weekend Seminar Experience and all participants left inspired and motivated!!!

We are all looking forward for the next WES in February!”

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