iReport: UK Autumn Weekend Seminar

I think the UK is getting a little spoiled…Ray and Karla Keller, Danny Anderson, Trevor & Jackie Lower, a video from Nancy… and then Mike Wilson in the spring?! 🙂 So glad you did, and will, get to learn from such great speakers!

“On the 8th and 9th of November the UK ABO’s descended on the picturesque Ramada hotel in Birmingham for the Autumn WES, and what a weekend it was! We were once again very pleased to welcome guests from all over Europe, including Ireland, France, the Netherlands and Scandinavia. The excitement in the room was there for all to see, and it was obvious from the start that this was going to be a memorable event.

The line-up of speakers was impressive as always and included Danny Andersen, UK Double Diamonds Trevor & Jackie Lowe and of course our special guest speakers Ray & Karla Keller from the US. The audience were also treated to a video of a fantastic recent speech by Nancy Dornan herself. As expected, Ray & Karla brought humour, enthusiasm and belief to everybody through their speeches. The highlight though was Ray’s bus ride of a lifetime speech on the Saturday night, which absolutely brought the house down. If this wasn’t enough though, the ABO’s were also able to enjoy a really good panel discussion on the Sunday where some of our new up and coming leaders gave their answers on important questions about building the business. There was also the added bonus of some optional breakout sessions on the Saturday afternoon which covered topics including Nutrilite, XS retailing and doing wellness assessments for customers.

We were also able to celebrate with the recognition of a new Silver Producer and a new Gold Producer. The recognition for 50+ tickets sold was also very inspiring, as all the people on stage told the audience how they could be on stage with them next time. They were also able to take pride of place on the first row of the ‘Hot Spot’ VIP zone right in front of the stage, to show that they are really going places in the business. At the end of the weekend there was no doubt that everybody there was ready to be FREE! Now we are all looking forward to the next WES in February when Mike Wilson will be joining us. DON’T MISS IT!”


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