iReport: Kiev WES November 14-16, 2014

You leaders continue to blow me away! This recognition had to have been exciting, motivating, and joyful. Congratulations on your accomplishments! I can’t wait to see even more of you on stage.

Recognition Kharatin 2.JPG“We are proud to report that Ukrainian Fall WES held on 14th – 16th of November in Kiev was distinguished with valuable teaching from the Guest Speakers Alois & Sissi Petra Szuchar and a spectrum of high recognitions:
NEW Founder Emeralds – Sergey & Tatyana Svisenko, NEW Diamonds – Viktor & Natalia Luchka, NEW Founder Crowns – Igor & Valeria Kharatin.

These were an incredible three days filled with festive atmosphere, high spirits and powerful business motivation. The WES theme “FREE” got its thorough treatment in the speeches of our incredible Guests Speakers & N21 Leaders. Thus, everybody could get necessary hints and momentum to be and do more in their business as well as to become freer in their lives!

Panel talk was organized at the Blue Jeans Meeting on Sunday morning. The participants of this talk were young Leaders, who  gave very mature answers and draw a conclusion about Amway business as a very attractive and prestigious business for the young generation and underlined the importance of the Network TwenyOne system.

The highlight of the Saturday evening was, of course, the recognition of New Diamonds Viktor & Natalia Luchka, who drove through the venue on two Harley Davidson bikes accompanied by the excited greetings of the partners from their groups.

The Dream Night was crowned with the fantastic recognition of New Founder Crowns Igor & Valeria Kharatin, which started with well-known singer Ruslana, the winner of 2004 Eurovision Song Contest, singing her famous song ‘Wild Dances’. Unforgettable laser show followed, and in the end of their recognition, Igor & Valeria together with their children and Ruslana sang one of her hit songs ‘In the Rhythm of the Heart.’ The line from this song was actually the theme line of their recognition: ‘It is only together that we can reach our goal!’ “

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