iReport:Polish WES October 17-19

I can feel the excitement in this report! Congrats to the new Platinums and Emeralds- incredible. Thank you to everyone who made this such a meaningful weekend. 🙂

poland 5“Polish fall WES  17-19 of October took place at a brand new arena in Toruń.  A beautiful old city, when in XVI century Copernicus lived, work and published as the first in the world  the heliocentric theory. What a great place to reflect on the WES theme FREE-  dare to think and act differently than majority to reach what majority never will. Incredible speaker combination: Steve Woods with his great experience, maturity, incredible success in the business  and  a young couple from Russia Marija & Vyacheslav Petkevich with their enthusiasm and passion, just starting their success story. In addition to the Guest Speakers we got to hear from local Diamonds and above Mira and Les Hetnal, Kasia & Darek Świątkowski and Double Diamonds Izabela & Marek Bujwicki providing teaching addressed to the market needs.

Sunday morning Blue Jeans session showed that the young generation is ready to take over responsibility for their life but also committed to do what is necessary to be where the top leaders are.

Of course  the most fascinating at every WES is recognition time; at this WES we celebrated 3 new Platinum couples and brand new Emeralds Urszula and Wojciech Cesarz, who got our hearts.

Great atmosphere, incredible speakers, different generations excited with the same business model and its universal values giving everybody opportunity to get FREE.”  


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