iReport: Weekend Seminars in Russia – Summer 2014

Diamond recognition is the best! Congrats to Vladimir & Lyudmila, and everyone for being a part of a powerful WES. Thanks for the great report back Russia!

i3.jpg“It’s always a long feel-good moment when you get to settle back and enjoy a three-day event referred to as WES. There was a lot to enjoy during summer events which offered a combination of erudite sayings, classy phrasing, exceptional original stories, stand-out performances. Speeches ranged from romantic and charming panel discussion at a tea-party with Diamonds and above gathered at a round table showcasing their considerable experience, to powerful impressive talks displaying breadth of talent, wideness of wisdom, clarity of focus. A memorable moment of Russian Network TwentyOne events this summer was a deeply emotive recognition of New Diamonds Vladimir and Lyudmila Mazurenko whose passion is evident not only in business but also in their youthful approach of life and absolute joy they share with everyone on their way.”

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