iReport: NALC 2014

I got to peek in on a few of these awesome sessions- it was a great WES indeed. How cool is North America for having all these speakers and sketch notes of their talks? I want one!

IMG_6161“We had an exciting North America Leadership Conference in Atlanta, GA, September 5-7. Triple Diamonds Angie Somers and Carl Nilsson traveled all the way from Australia to be our guest speakers- and boy are we glad they did! The conference kicked off Friday night with Ray Keller and Mike Wilson getting us ready for the weekend and unveiling the theme for the weekend:  Free: To have more, do more, and be more. We then got to hear the fun (and funny!) story of Angie and Carl.

 Saturday morning was exciting as well with solid teaching from Dave Dornan, Andrew Mackay, and Angie Somers. The afternoon was filled with interesting breakouts from Amway and well as some time to digest all we were learning! The evening was memorable with much recognition. New pin levels were celebrated on stage including many new Platinums. It was an inspiring evening and Bob Andrews delivered an excellent talk to round off the night.

Sunday the conference came to a close and absolutely left us wanting more! The morning began with a panel of the weekend’s speakers. This was a first for us and something we hope to have again as it was very beneficial hearing a Q&A session with these extraordinary leaders. We had the wonderful pleasure and privilege of learning from Nancy Dornan. Her wisdom is like no other. Throughout the weekend we had a sketch artist taking “graphic notes”. Here you can see a picture of the notes we have memorialized from Nancy’s talk- now we will never forget all the insight she gave! Pete Matz was the perfect leader to close our weekend of learning to be Free: to have more, do more, and be more.

 See you in January for Winter Conference!”

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