iReport: Slovenian & Croatian WES June 2014

When I heard about MOVE for the WES, I didn’t know it would include dancing! What a fun way to celebrate awesome achievements, keep it up you guys! 🙂

TITLE DSC_6661“On 21st and 22nd June Slovenes and Croats gathered in a small city Medvode for a big event. Expectations were high, but the experience was even better!  Our local leaders warmed up the audience before our guest speakers – Diamonds from South Africa Martin & Tracy Hutchins. Martin and Tracy inspired us with their wisdom, touched us with their simplicity and made us laugh already at the beginning with their Beauty and the Beast nicknames. We decided not to be on eithers side, but we agree that together they are fabulous.  After the first session they devote their special time to meet all new Leaders Club & above, new WES 20+ and VIP 5+ at the reception and take pictures with them. So many smiles, so many pictures, so many unforgettable moments!

Saturday evening was dreamy…Started with music and dancing.  What a feeling when the whole venue was dancing!  The absolute stars of the evening were new achievers, with two new Silver ABOs and one new Platinum on the top.  They have proved that our market is on the MOVE!

On Sunday we learned from fantastic local leaders. Yes, we have the privilege to listen to local Diamond Maja Zupet more often than the rest of Europe. And so we did, enjoyed and absorbed her boundless energy and business dedication once again. Priceless.

Thank you all for a wonderful WES, we are looking forward to feel this fantastic atmosphere at Central European Regional Conference in October again. We cannot wait to see what Sean Henderson had in mind when he promised that  ‘we gonna do something that has never been done ever before at one of your weekends.’  See you in October!”

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