iReport: Regional WES in Tallinn May 16-18: Enthusiasm, tears, fun, and a great kick to move forward!

MASSIMO AND STAGE.jpgBooking my ticket for their next WES. After reading this, I do not want to miss the next one!

“Getting ready for WES in Tallinn nobody could expect that it is going to go that way. IT WAS REAL BOOM OF EMOTIONS.
Friday was summarized by our Guest Speaker: Massimo Bini- Executive Diamond from Italy, who gave everyone just fantastic lesson of Amway Business Building and Management based on Network TwentyOne learning system. His three speeches at WES were just one great lesson for everyone starting from those who are 1st time at WES up to Diamonds and above.

Saturday end up with tears while listening to Olga Levashova- Diamond from Ukraine, who touched everyone’s hearts and ensured that to have bright future it is only your decision.

On Sunday, Mats Holmberg- Diamond from Finland, ended WES with great Kick of Motivation to really MOVE forward and achieve new levels at next WES. It could not be better speech for the end of Sunday session.

In addition to those three great speakers, we had speeches from local leaders, who assured that this market is in good hands and it is going to grow.

Event was unforgettable also thanks to extraordinary set up, that took the breath away of many leaders who had been at many WES’s before.

But now, we are looking forward to GO DIAMOND in Hungary and following it Free Enterprise in Finland, where all Scandinavia and Baltics leaders are coming together to celebrate FREEdom with Dave and Jules Dornan- Founder Diamonds from USA.”

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