iReport: North America WES May-June 2014

IMG_5064Remind me next May to check out the WES in the US- I can learn from all my favorite speakers in one place! 🙂

“The East Coast of the US had an awesome WES in Atlanta, Georgia, May 16-18. The guest speaker was Diamond Staffan Ohlson. He is an excellent communicator and shared much wisdom and insight, in addition to his interesting story. We were lucky also to hear from David and Jules Dornan, Marg Hays, János Demeter, Andrew Mackay, Mike Wilson, Pete Matz, Jackie Lowe, Nancy Dornan, and a panel. Whew! Each leader teaches and inspires in unique ways, I know we gained considerable knowledge  from all of them and are very grateful for their willingness to share with us.

These are just two of the nuggets of wisdom shared that weekend!

Pete Matz:” Winners never quit. They adjust.”

Jules Dornan:” You can learn the hard way, or trust the leaders.”

On the West Coast, we had a conference in California May 30-June 1. Guest speaker Ali Ghannadan shared immeasurable vision, teaching, and experience. Mike Wilson kicked off the seminar Friday as only Mike can do! The weekend was full of inspiring, smart speakers who developed the theme for the weekend- MOVE. We thought about what moves us and where we need to move next in our business. A great motivation is what Jerry Webb said Friday night: ” We’re not saying it’s easy, we’re saying it’s worth it.”

In addition to our guest speaker Ali, we learned from Dave Dornan, Jerry and Sharyn Webb, Jim Elliott, and Jim Janz.  At both seminars we had the delight of celebrating new platinums! We had excellent Summer Conferences and are looking forward to our National Convention in September!”

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