iReport: Weekend Seminars in Kiev- March 2014

2 unprecedented weekends in Ukraine. Network TwentyOne ABOs and leaders are courageous- fear does not stop them in their business or from attending WES’s! I am so proud of and inspired by these guys…I’m getting emotional…don’t cry N21guy, keep it together!  

IMG_6855.JPG“We are happy to say we had truly amazing WES’s few days ago in Kiev! For a number of reasons these were outstanding events in the history of such seminars in Ukraine. First of all, we are all tremendously grateful to everyone who had the courage to participate in these WES’s. In particular, to our guest speakers Amgad Ghabriel (Australia) and David Vanderveen (California, USA). Not only their speeches were powerful, inspiring, motivating and teaching, but also their coming to Ukraine was great support to all Leaders & ABOs in Ukraine! For which everyone in N21 Ukraine expresses their deepest appreciation. It is hard to overrate this.
In this time N21 seminars are incredibly important – the fact that became obvious when the seminars were held. We were overwhelmed by general uplift of the participants, their will to invest even more in the business and thus help and serve their country to their best. Participants of both WES’s were delighted to see and listen to the speeches from the stage of Alexey Mautanov & Vera Archipova, Igor & Valeriya Kharatin, Taras & Irina Demkura – these certainly were some of the most powerful messages throughout the event. Made one feel that both Amway business and N21 team will come through any challenges…

To crown it all, these WES’s left one with the understanding that some really important transformations happened and great faith in the bright future of Amway business in Ukraine.”


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