iReport: Weekend Seminars in Russia – Spring 2014

Russia knows how to have a weekend seminar, check out all those incredible speakers! Wonder why I wasn’t asked to speak… 🙂 Congrats to new Founders Diamonds, what an awesome accomplishment. Can’t wait to recognize more!

1.jpg“Another unmissable sequence of Network TwentyOne events in Russia starting in February, ending in the end of March! An unbeatable combination of guest speakers – Justin and Lauren Stern for St. Petersburg, Simon Thompson, Sergey and Svetlana Apraksin and Galina Vashchenko for Yekaterinburg, Peter Merz with Alexander and Svetlana Samokhin for Omsk, Janos Demeter for Moscow, Irenke Nemeth and Per Mansson for Rostov-on-Don, Les Hetnal with Susanna and Genrikh Arutyunyan for Kazan. They gave absorbing speeches with thought-provoking delivery of the basic idea of Amway business and Network 21 system.

Weekend seminars resonated as strong as possible. Richly emotional and highly informative talks gave precious new feelings, the speakers approached the souls of the listeners and beholders with a rare degree of intelligence and experience, relishing each word in manner of a true Network21 Leader. A recognition of new young Founder Diamonds Konstantin and Olesya Zolochevsky added significance to events – they amazed with their endless energy, overflowing positive vibes and unflinching focus.”

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