iReport: Weekend Leadership Seminar in Malaysia November 22-24, 2013

Crowd Shot.jpgI’m a little late in posting this one guys…been having too much fun at all these WES’s around the world! This expert iReport comes all the way from Malaysia. Sounds like an incredible weekend full of strong teaching. There was a Gen Y segment at this weekend…maybe at the next I can do a Gen Awesome talk? Just a suggestion… 🙂

“We rounded of the year with a fantastic WLS in Kuala Lumpur, thanks in large part to all the speakers who graced the stage and the IBO’s who came from all parts of Malaysia and Singapore. Ray Keller was our international guest speaker and he blew everyone away with his wit, wisdom and inspirational stories. One of his topics, “Attitude dependent on circumstances” was extremely impactful. He was sharing how important it is, to not have your attitude be depicted by the circumstances you are in. Many came away commenting that was one of the key take aways from the weekend.

The stage was also shared by Diamond direct Nahu, Emerald direct Neo, Sazli, Joe Wong and Tan Ai Wyn. We had a special Gen Y segment via video feed from Peter Cox which was well received. Janil did a fantastic product talk on supplementation that was both informative and humorous. Everyone left happy and looking forward to the next WLS.”

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