iReport – Weekend seminars in Russia – Fall 2013

Рисунок4.jpgNew Diamonds, Double Diamonds, Executive Diamonds … Ok now you guys are just showing off .  😉   Seriously, around the world we celebrate your success and congratulate the amazing achievements of the Russian market. Поздравляем!

There are certain things in life that you will never be able to wrap in a sparkling paper. Delight, inspiration, joy, smiles. Not to be wrapped, but to be gained at an event of Network TwentyOne. The weekend-seminars of the fall were brimming with emotions that resonated long after the functions ended. There was a celebration of success of Network TwentyOne affiliated Amway Business Owners from all over Russia – a multitude of recognitions which revealed a matured team of leaders whose decision has been firm enough to spur passion for new achievements.

New Diamonds Irina Ilina and Vladislav Zolotov, Marina Grigoryan, Galina and Sergey Zvezdunovy, Svetlana and Pyotr Miroshnikovy, Marua and Vladimir Lepshokovy, Marina Kurtsaeva and Arkady Yeremeev; new Founder Diamonds Vyacheslav Petkevich and Mariya Voytovich, Svetlana and Alexander Samokhiny, Galina Istomina; new Founder Executive Diamonds Irina and Sergey Shevelyovy; new Double Diamonds Julia and Yevgeny Zoteevy; new Founder Double Diamonds Marina Zolochevskaya and Sergey Alyotkin. Phenomenal number of new high pins! Phenomenal momentum that must help inspire new ambitions in all leaders worldwide.

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