Thailand WLS on 15-17 November 2013

5.jpgIs it just me or do Peter and Debbie look like they are singing a duo in the photo to the right? I can hear it now as I type… “Islands in the stream, that is who we are…” Channeling their inner Kenny Rogers and Dolly Pardon no doubt.  😉

Nice to hear from the amazing Network TwentyOne team in Thailand. What a testament to an amazing business opportunity and world class business training and support!

“Our Weekend Seminar was conducted in Pattaya, Thailand at the famous Royal Cliff Hotel & Resort. All participants came from all over parts of Thailand and traveled to a get away resort (100 miles) to join the seminar. Crown Ambassador Peter and Debbie Cox were the featured guest speakers and they both were outstanding, their talks were so strong & genuine, motivational and very well complimented by the Thai crowds.

Along with Peter and Debbie, came a group of his international IBOs from India, Philippines & Malaysia to support them. On Sat. night, we had recognized 3 new Emerald couples followed by spectacular entertainment and we recognized a new Diamond couple from the South of Thailand in Had Yai, Mr. Udomsak & Umaporn. They both are truly a product of hard work, upline support, a proven Amway business opportunity and had proven that even though they lived far in the South of the country, they both achieved with the help of  Network TwentyOne’s Business Support Materials, Ongoing Education Programs and world class functions and seminars.

They gave a heartfelt speech that was very inspiring. It’s a wonderful night to remember.”

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