iReport – Seminar in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China



Not the first Weekend Seminar in China but this is the first iReport from this vast and virtually unknown (to the world of Network TwentyOne outside of China) market. What always strikes be about the Amway business opportunity and Network TwentyOne training and support is the way in which they both meet universal needs that are embraced throughout the world. Deep stuff huh? What can I say, n21guy has his moments. While this is the first iReport from China, you can bet it will not be the last. Check it out…

“As the most significant part of our business, we always pay special attention to our Weekend Seminars (WES). For this time, the Zhengzhou WES, has given us not only the wonderful audio-visual impacts, but also the excitement and momentum to our business. The gorgeous meeting, the enthusiastic audiences, and the excellent speakers—-all of these are the stunning details of Zhengzhou WES. These IBOs were coming from Zhengzhou , and cities of Luoyang, Jiaozuo and Xi’an etc.. Even though we come from different places, our voice and goals are the same !

Our Executive Diamond speaker—Ms. Mamie Zheng who comes from Australia, has shared her valuable experience and skills with us.

Our Emerald speaker—Mr. Huang Luo Luo, has also won everyone applause .

And our Local speakers from Zhengzhou and Xi An gave us excellent speech as well.

In addition to the stunning speeches, our WES has provided wonderful entertainment and created the joyful atmosphere for our IBOs and their friends.

Such an assemblage of amazing speeches, talented speakers, and splendid meeting, might well delight and astonish a stranger and of course encourage our IBOs!!

What an amazing tool our WES is !!

We look forward to the next WES and our new achievement.”

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