iReport – October 4-6 Debrecen, Hungary – Central European Regional Conference


OK, so what do you get when you bring together Hungarians, Romanians, Czechs, Slovaks, Slovenians and Croatians with a sprinkle of staging, a slice of audio/visual, a dab of international speakers and a whole lot of Network TwentyOne??? CERC of course!

“What an outstanding event we had in Debrecen, Hungary with thousands of attendees people from 6 countries of Europe! ABOS from Hungary, Romania, Czech, Slovak, Slovenia and Croatia waited with enthusiasm for the highlight of the business year – The Central European Regional Conference, and it didn’t disappoint them.

31 Diamonds, 13 Executive Diamonds and above, 67 Emeralds and 48 Founders Emeralds and over 600 Platinum+ in the front rows showed the power of Network TwentyOne leadership and support coupled with the world class business opportunity which is Amway.

One of the main highlights of this function was certainly the main guest speaker, representing not only the energy and knowledge he is having but also the second generation of Network 21 – Founder Diamond from the USA, David Dornan. His speeches gave such a momentum and spirit to the audience…… hard to describe in words.

On Saturday morning there was “Blue Jeans” meeting with over 500 young people under the age of 25 listening to David Dornan. What a powerful speaker on stage during just one event Crown Ambassador, Hans Nusshold. His speeches showed the balance of huge experience and an unbelievable vision.

Real Achievers, as our motto for the event was, came together not only to learn from the best but also to celebrate those who already “climbed the hills of challenges and hard work” celebrating new Emeralds and new Diamonds!

We had the first sparkling moment Saturday evening with the celebration of the first Founder Emerald from Slovakia; Andrea and Ivan Kartac. They have reached the Emerald and Founder Emerald level in the same business year. The highlight of the Saturday evening was the New Diamond recognition. Ibolya and Imre Leviczki came into the venue with a spectacular celebration. These were real memorable, actually unforgettable moments that showed to all what can be reached in the Amway business with the support of Network TwentyOne.”

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