iReport – Baltic Regional WES in Riga, Latvia

dream nigt _433Bujwicki.jpgIs it just me or does the term “Super Amway Bonus Achiever” sound like something you would like to get a hold of as well? Great things are happening in the Baltics. Just goes to show you what happens when hard working people embrace a 1st class opportunity and tap into world class support.

“What a wonderful sight to be a part of Amway’s highest Achievements !

  • Ineta and Maris Svipsti- First Network TwentyOne affiliated Emeralds in Latvia,
  • Toivo and Anne Rande-First Network TwentyOne affiliated Baltic Founders Diamonds from Estonia,
  • And last, but not the least Super Amway Bonus Achiever, the highest Bonus in History of Amway Europe- Marek and Izabela Bujwicki

But achievement was only one of many factors what made this event unforgettable.

Great Guest Speakers :Mike Wilson just won everyone hearts!
Janos Demeter opened Y generation eyes, teaching them business basics in very COOL way!

Great Local Speakers from Poland, Estonia, Finland and Russia.
Guest From Amway: Director of European Facilities- Leszek Krecielewski and Director of Amway Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania- Anna Pietrzak.

Beautiful stage! Beautiful audience! Beautiful memories! ..and only very sad thing: WES had to finish on Sunday.

We like to see you all again in Riga, already on 14-16 of February 2014!”

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