iReport – Baltic Regional WES in Riga, Latvia

Is it just me or does the term “Super Amway Bonus Achiever” sound like something you would like to get a hold of as well? Great things are happening in the Baltics. Just goes to show you what happens when hard working people embrace a 1st class opportunity and tap into world class support.

“What a wonderful sight to be a part of Amway’s highest Achievements !

Ineta and Maris Svipsti- First Network TwentyOne affiliated Emeralds in Latvia, Toivo and Anne Rande-First Network TwentyOne affiliated Baltic Founders Diamonds from Estonia, And last, but not the least Super Amway Bonus Achiever,

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Need a Little Inspiration?

Feeling like it is tough to get some momentum? Maybe you feel like you are not properly equipped, too old or maybe you think your market has been open too long and that there are just no more opportunities? Dr. n21guy knows just what to prescribe for your “perspective-itis”. Check out new Gold Producers Art and Ginnie Lang (90 and 92) who are building their Amway business in North America (a 50+ year old market).

Ailment: Perspective-itis

Treatment: The below video

Dosage: Watch and share this video as needed to combat the effects of a bad attitude and/or a negative

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iReport – WES October 2013 for Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland

I love Scandinavia… heck I even drove a Volvo for a few years! What’s better than a big only Volvo that looks like a loaf of bread barreling down the road? A Network TwentyOne Scandinavian Regional Seminar! Check out this brief heads up from the field.

“Wow what an amazing weekend seminar we have had in Norrk√∂ping, Sweden 4-6 October.

The event kicked off on Friday afternoon when our fantastic guest speaker Tony Henderson welcomed our ABOs at the main entrance. After that he charmed, motivated, captivated, spellbound, and inspired our ABOs throughout the weekend and for that we

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