iReport DRIVE2013 from Los Angeles, California

For those of you who may have been in a coma the last six months, 2 things…

1.) Welcome back, we missed you!

2.) DRIVE2013 was Network TwentyOne’s Emerald and above leadership event held in Los Angeles, California where over 1,000 leaders from over 27 countries came together to learn from the best and most successful Amway business leaders in the history of the universe.

The event started with a memorial service for Network TwentyOne Founder and Chairman, Jim Dornan who passed away just days before the event. The service was broadcast live from the event and is still viewable here. Those that were there were so thankful to be a part of honoring Jim together as a global family and it was such a tribute to all that Jim worked for over these many years.

Moving into the event, leaders were fed a steady diet of humor, business insight and skills to balance their life by leaders such as Bob Andrews, David and Jules Dornan, Hans and Eva Nusshold and Mitch and Deidre Sala. Additionally, there were several panel style interview sessions ranging from some of Network TwentyOne’s pioneer leadership to second generation leaders sharing their unique perspective having grown up immersed in this business.

Special guests included Amway President Doug DeVos as well as Amway’s Executive Vice President Jim Payne and last but certainly not least, Dr John C Maxwell.

Needless to say, it was a righteous event and you should have been there. The good news is you have until August 2015 to qualify as an Emerald or above for Network TwentyOne’s next big event called …. you guessed it, DRIVE2015!

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