Exclusive – Kurt Warner Branching Out?

Ok guys, I stumbled on this amazing video today that pretty clearly shows my close friend Kurt Warner is planning on taking his career in a new direction. Pretty amazing stuff and glad we could bring it to you here exclusively on n21guy.com.

For you all of you outside of the USA, click here for some additional information about Kurt Warner, the man, the myth, the legend.

iReport – Russian Seminars, Spring 2013

I always look forward to the “adjective assault” delivered in each Russian iReport. “Ravishing details” … I just love those guys! Add to that, social media Q&As, discos and Blue Jeans meetings leads me to think I need to making my way over to Russia sometime this year.

“These 7 Russian spring Seminars spread throughout the country must have been the most outstanding in history. Vividly atmospheric, ultimately uplifting, powerfully motivating – this is what makes it worth the long winter wait. New meeting formats and speeches captivated everybody. A wholly unique meeting for younger generations – Blue Jeans

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Happy Birthday Jim Dornan!

To know him is to love him and to love him is … well its just what we do.

Our very own Jim Dornan, founder and Chairman of Network TwentyOne, is celebrating a birthday this July 10th. So what do you get the guy who has everything? How about heartfelt birthday wishes?

As an Amway IBO/ABO affiliated with Network TwentyOne in one of the over 45 countries they now support, you are invited to wish Jim a happy birthday by “signing” his birthday card.

Simply click on Jim’s Birthday Card on the left to wish Jim a Happy Birthday!!!

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