Network TwentyOne Celebrates New Emeralds in the Slovak Republic

emeraldsSKCongratulations to Andrea a Ivan Kartáčovci. Portraits of a consistent and positive work ethic combined with persistence… as Mitch Sala would say, “It’s predictable”.  😉

“The Amway business was introduced to us as a young family, soon after high school.
With two little children, a small rented apartment and joint income of about $100 per month. We knew that our life certainly could not stay this way. We longed to work together, but we wanted a business and not just work, so that we could organize our time to working hours that suited our needs. We wanted to have the option to provide for our (now three) children so that they could pursue their talents and not just their needs.

The Emerald level for us means not only personal success. This shows that the Amway business works regardless of the economic situation of the country and no matter how long the company Amway has been in the market. Today we know that employed in our original professions as a teacher and traffic engineer, we would not have such a family life as through Amway business.”

If you have a new Emerald or above recognition in your group and want a shout out from none other than me, n21guy to my thousands of Network TwentyOne affiliated Amway IBO/ABO followers in over 35 countries, click on the iReport at the top of this page and fill out the form. Include the Amagram address of your local Amway spotlight and I’ll give a shout out just like this one. How’s that for full service?

Here is the local Slovak version of the article in the Amway Achieve magazine 

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