Amway Spotlights Network TwentyOne’s Network Of Caring

IBOs in South Africa Deliver a Wheelchair

IBOs in South Africa Deliver a Wheelchair

Many of you will remember when Amway recognized the work of Jim and Nancy Dornan and Network TwentyOne affiliated Amway IBOs/ABOs last April with their write up about Power Soccer and the Fernando Foundation. Well Amway has once again taken notice of the amazing work and generosity of Network TwentyOne affiliated IBOs/ABOs from around the world with a new write up on Network Of Caring. For those of you who may not have heard,  Network Of Caring is the charitable organization created by Jim and Nancy Dornan in partnership with Network TwentyOne leadership around the world. Through NOC, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised for some truly worthy charities including, building and supporting a school and home for in India, wheelchair distribution to the poorest of the poor in South Africa, Haiti and the Ukraine as well as being a key sponsor for the Special Olympic Asia Pacific Games later this year in Australia.

For more information and to learn how to be a part of what Network Of Caring is doing around the world visit Network Of Caring North America and/or Network of Caring Australia.

“We don’t assume that we are solely responsible for our achievements. It’s only because God has seen fit to use us this way. And because of that, we’ve had the opportunity to make a difference. We now have a large and generous family of partners who share our vision.” – Nancy Dornan

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